Slav Epic Pavilion

  • student competition
  • 2010

The proposed building aims primarily to the need of a new exhibition space for a series of monumental paintings by Alfons Mucha. At the same time it has another equally important goal – it wants to offer a central point for active leisure time in Letna Park for the citizens of Prague and its visitors. The entire building utilizes a dilapidated base of the former Stalin monument and its roof. On the broken top surface of the pedestal it creates an universal space for multiple uses.

The one-storey building respects both of the existing axis of the monument. The slightly curved object follows the axis pointing to the Letna park togehter with the axis of Pařižská street. The building includes the central hall of the Slav Epic cycle, a museum of Alfons Mucha, an audiovisual room, a separate space for short-term exhibitions and storages for the use of public square on the roof of the gallery. At both north and south entrances descend visitors a gentle ramp and they are already attracted by one of Mucha’s monumental paintings. All 20 paintings are regularly placed in the central hall with a natural top lighting by sky lights.

Freely accessible public square on the roof of the building serves as a flexible space for permanent, seasonal and short-term use (café, badminton court, in-line skates rental, skate park, ice rink, open air concerts and exhibitions). On the south side the square descends in a large staircase with a magnificent view of Prague. Part of the staircase becomes an auditorium of a summer cinema after dusk.